Groups We Meet

In order to broaden our understanding of the situation, the itinerary is very broad. We meet a wide range of diverse groups and individuals.   We have visited womens’ groups, schools, universities, a special needs centre, refugee camps, a permaculture project, a brewery, unrecognised villages, an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson, the Irish Representative to the Palestinian Authority, a refusnik, peace groups, human rights groups, Bedouins, a member of the Knesset, Rabbis, medical personnel. We have eaten in local Palestinian homes, have shared a Sabbath meal, have attended a cookery demonstration for Palestinian food, have played tag rugby against local teams and have attempted to dance the Dabka with local Palestinian school children.

Some of the Groups we have met include the following:

  1. Addameer;
  2. Al Basma
  3. Al Haq;
  4. Alternative Information Centre;
  5. An Najah University;
  6. ARIJ;
  7. Badil;
  8. Bil’in Village
  9. Breaking the Silence;
  10. B’tselem;
  11. Combatants for Peace;
  12. Defence Children International;
  13. Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh
  14. EAPPI;
  15. Hebron Rehabilitation Committee;
  16. ICAHD;
  17. New Profile;
  18. Rabbis for Human Rights;
  19. Sabeel;